2008 Participant Feedback

Mr. Jas Bedi, Chairman, African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation
This was my 1st attendance and the networking and learning was great!

Mr. V. A. Bhajekar, COO, Texanlab Laboratories Pvt Ltd.
Excellently done. All speakers were great. Audience participation was good...

Ms. Maren Böhm, Corporate Responsibility Representative, Asia, OIA Shanghai, Otto Group
I can only say ... Prime Source Forum was a great event and an even greater pleasure to meet people and exchange views. I appreciated the open discussions we had and had a lot of fun socialising.

Mr. Eric Hopmann, General Manager, DyStar (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.
We have been very pleased to join Prime Source Forum for the first time this year and think this is a very valuable platform that can and will grow. We certainly want to be part of it as the leader of the textile chemical solutions. We will definitely be involved in the Forum next year.

Mr. Justin Huang, Secretary General, Taiwan Textile Federation
Prime Source Forum this year is proved as a much better event than last year. More international delegates and panelists than the one in 2007.

Mr. William H. Lakin, Director General, European Apparel & Textile Organisation (EURATEX)
A highly successful and extremely fruitful Prime Source Forum 2008 ... the choice of speakers from around the world and the topics selected were impressive and even after close to forty years in textiles and apparel I can say that I learnt a lot and met many new faces. This is in my view one of the best and most smoothly organised events I have ever attended.

Mr. Fritz Winans, Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing & Manufacturing, Liz Claiborne Inc.
Prime Source Forum was a most rewarding experience and the dialogue was very educational. This gives executives from around the globe the opportunity to share their knowledge on sourcing and supply chain initiatives as well as other relevant business issues.

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