2011 Participant Feedback

Craig Dana, Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Ltd., MD, SVP
Prime Source Forum is excellent. It’s great. It’s a once-a-year opportunity for everyone in the industry to get together to exchange ideas, challenges and opportunities. So as always, I think the Forum is excellent. 

Karin Malmstrom, Director, Cotton Council International
This time was much more direct, down-to-earth with more meaningful interaction. I suggest you keep this more interactive, dynamic approach and format.
Hanne-Louise Johannesen, Director, Diffus Design
Participating in PSF gave me a great opportunity to learn more about the apparel industry.  The talks, panels and discussions were of great value and quality.  Being present at PSFashion attracted a lot of attention to our brand, and the help and support from the organisers was excellent.  Diffus also made some good contacts, even though there is a gap between our way of working and the industry.
James Arthurs, Chairman, Asia Pacific, Gerber Scientific Inc.
Congratulations - the time keeping was much better this year enabling me to stick to schedules for ctivities during the breaks.
Abdul Basir Hotak, President, Herati Cashmere and Skin Processing Plant
I sincerely wish to continue working with your esteemed organisation and hope that my company is able to attend your excellent events every year.
Trevor Boyd, Managing Director, Kiabi International Supply Services Ltd.
Great spread of topics and also I liked that fact there was a more International feel to speakers.
André Leroy, Marketing Director, MTS
An exceptional 2011 edition ... the GAFTI initiative to drive more alignment in product safety, social compliance and sustainability showed progress and attracted a lot of interest.  Superb presentation from Edwin Keh about people and leadership, and very good sessions on trade and sourcing in and outside China that gave everyone a lot of food for thought.
Miguel A. Cerna, Executive Manager/CSR Committee Managing Director, New Wide Group
It was a privilege meeting the panelists and other speakers, and contributing (at least I hope we did!) to the event.  I also want to congratulate you and your team for such a good job done; many of us believe that the Forum has improved every year.
Jane Clarkson, Nike Intl Ltd., Materials Director, Asia Pacific Apparel
I found it very informative. It’s the only forum that I’ve ever attended here in Hong Kong that really has a global perspective, and the subject matter’s really relevant today. So all in all, there’re a lot to take away, and I plan to come back.
Julie Hughes, President, United States Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel
I think the 2011 Forum was one of the best, with a lot of interesting information for the delegates to take home. I look forward to PSF 2012 being even better! 
Martin Keil, Managing Director, Yeh Shen Ltd., representing Charlottenborg
Exhibiting at the event is part of our international marketing approach. We have had interesting discussions and exchanged information with a broad range of service providers. We have got a lot of useful information which will enable us to provide better advice to the fashion brands represented by us.