2009 Participant Feedback

Mr. Walter ARCHIE, VP, Global Sourcing, Dick’s Sporting Goods International Ltd.
The PSF is ideal for all of us in the industry to get together to talk about the current problems that our industry - and the world - is facing. There are a lot of good leaders here, and we get a lot of good feedback and understand the retailers’ problems, the wholesalers’ problems and the problems of the industry in the region, so that’s what we’re looking forward to hearing today.

Mr. Joe AYLING, News Editor, Just-style.com
This year's Prime Source Forum successfully covered all the key industry issues during a testing time for the whole supply chain. The event gave the apparel community an opportunity to share ideas on sourcing, social compliance, sustainability and product safety, and work towards a stronger model to overcome the financial crisis. "Prime Source is more crucial than ever in 2009, and the Hong Kong venue brings together manufacturers, sourcing personnel and retailers to discuss, network and continue learning.

Mr. Sanjay CHAWLA, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, Inside Fashion, India
It was a great experience to attend the Forum, I must say the kind of service and value you are extending to the industry by connecting West with this part of the world is simply great. A must attend event for all the stakeholders in the apparel industry. I wish the participation from India goes up in the coming events.

Mr. Geert DEN HARTOG , Business Development Director, Apparel Labeling Solutions, Asia Pacific, Checkpoint Systems
So far, a fantastic, fantastic Forum. Very well organised. The quality of the speakers and Forum discussions is excellent. I think the interaction with your peers is the major opportunity, as well as to hear from different angles across the supply chain. We have retailers, brand manufacturers, agents and accessories suppliers like ourselves here. Hearing what the trends and requirements are, we can prepare better for the future and be in a better position to show to clients.

Mr. Morrison HSU Mao Chun, GM, Apparel Product System, Li Ning Co. Ltd.
I think it’s a very good format in terms of an exchange of experiences and the chance to really discuss each other’s experiences and how they proceeded. It is a great forum for exchange.

Ms. Christiane KREIDL, Head of Trade & Industry Marketing, CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements
We are very pleased to participate in PSF 2009. This is the first time that we have sponsored an APLF event and, in fact, the feedback we have got so far from the delegates and other sponsors is very, very positive. So, for us, it is really asif you know they did not know us very well before but our participation in the Forum has given us the platform to really address our issues and our brand to the experts in the textile field.

Mr. Bhupesh LALL, Head - Marketing, ENOVIA Asia/ Dassault Systèmes
Congratulations on an excellent Prime Source Forum event last week. We were very pleased with the networking opportunities and the quality of attendees at the event. Your organization of the event was world-class. Good show!

Mr. Stephen LAMAR, Executive Vice President, American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA)
Well, Prime Source Forum is the place to be. We love being here; it is a great opportunity to interact with industry leaders, other executives and solution providers, and it is great that they’re sitting here with many of the suppliers in the industry, providing solutions. But we are really looking forward to the next day and a half and to hearing some of the other folks from all over the world talking about how to react in this economy and our current global challenges.

Mr. Markus D. LAMPE, Senior Vice President Marketing, CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements
The Prime Source Forum established itself as a valuable platform for the global apparel industry with tremendous networking opportunities. Although it will be a challenge to increase the already high quality of this impressive event I am convinced that the upcoming Prime Source Forum 2010 will again become a big success. I look forward attending the Prime Source Forum next year.

Ms. Maryanne LAU, Country Manager, South China Apparel Sourcing, Adidas Group
I thought it was really good because the workshop I was in covered “Sustainability”, which is a hot topic. A lot of good ideas came from it and it was nice to hear from other groups. I’m a buyer, but it’s nice to hear from the logistic groups and the dyeing companies. I found it very helpful.

Mr. Peter LIU Managing Director, AsiaNet
I think the Forum was very well attended. I’m actually surprised as we are supposed to be in a financial tsunami but, in fact, the turnout was actually better than in previous years, and the topics were very relevant and interesting, stimulating a lot of discussion both during the panels and afterwards during the coffee breaks. I’m sure, in the days and weeks ahead, we’ll be continuing the dialogue with interesting individuals and sharing our common interests, based on what was discussed during the panel. PSF is a great place to meet industry folks and friends, sometimes friends you only see once a year!

Mr. Thomas NELSON, Managing Director, VF Asia Ltd.
PSF is a great event. I love to come here because of the interactions and the people we get to meet. It’s a great place for networking, and finding out what people are going to do and how they’re going to run their businesses.

Mr. Keith PARTON, Manager of Textile Marketing, Clariant (China) Ltd.
It’s our pleasure to be here at the Forum. This is the third year that we’ve sponsored here and, this year, we’re very pleased with the number of delegates as, in the current climate, we expected far fewer people, so we’re really pleased with the attendance.

Mr. Bassem SULTAN, Vice President, Egyptian Chamber of Textile Industries (ECTI)
We had the workshop about carbon emissions and sustainability, and I think it was very informative and very useful. We look forward to getting more details about this very important subject.

Mr. Rakesh VAID, Former Chairman, Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC)
As your slogan says, PSF “is a meeting place for the apparel industry”. We find it very informative. It has now become a unique place, probably the only one in the world, where you can share your thoughts and exchange your views in the Forum. I’m sure we’ll see some very exciting discussions, as well as some live presentations, and hope that they will bring some positive news in these days of recession.

Mr. Ronald WONG, Manger, Marketing Communications – Asia, Avery Dennison
The Prime Source Forum has been well organised and is highly regarded as one of the leading forums in the garment and fashion business. Avery Dennison has sponsored the event since 2006 and it has proven to be a success and well worth our while. We will definitely continue with this valuable event.

Mr. Pat-nie WOO, Director, Central Textiles (Hong Kong) Ltd.
This is the second time that I have attended PSF and I noted that participation was up this year, and it looked as if there were a lot more people. We ran a workshop on sustainability yesterday and were very pleased to see such a large turnout. Even if I’m not on a panel, I love to come to PSF just to meet people and hear their points of view.


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