2009 Forum Participants


Academy Ltd., Lynne M. Sprugel, Senior Director of Import Logistics & Compliance
Accenture, Michael Yee, Executive Partner - Greater China
ACE Style Intimate Apparel Ltd., Andrew Sia, Chairman & CEO
adidas Sourcing Ltd., Karen Atherton, Manager, Brand Merchandising
adidas Sourcing Ltd., Maryanne Lau, Country Manager, South China
Adsale Publishing Ltd., Naomi Lee, Senior Executive Editor
Adsale Publishing Ltd., Michelle Phong, Associate Editor
Adsale Publishing Ltd., Irene Yip, Editor
African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation; Bedi Investments Ltd., Jas Bedi, Chairman; Managing Director
Alpha Systems Pvt. Ltd., P. Rajesh Nixon, CEO
ALPS Intl & Co., Vicky Sung, Director
American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), Steve Lamar, Executive Vice President
American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Stephanie Chu, Senior Events Manager
American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Carol C. Wang, Director of Events & Business Development
AMW (HK) Ltd., Elke Longree, General Director of Merchandising
Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Ltd., Almond Kwan, Regional Fabric Manager
Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Ltd., Raymond Ng, Business Consulting & Training Manager
Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Ltd., Annis Yip, General Merchandising Manager
Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Ltd., Michael Yiu, Director of Information Systems - Asia
APL Co. Pte. Ltd., Rickard Heiss, Sales Director, Greater China Region
APL Co. Pte. Ltd., C.M. Wong, Director, Transpacific & Reefer Trade
Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), Chandrima Chatterjee, Director, Economic & Consultancy
Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), Vimal Kirti Singh, Secretary General
Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), Rakesh Vaid, Chairman
Apparel Singapore, Callia Chua, Deputy Director/LEAD Manager
Asianet Consultants (HK) Ltd., Mark Geary, Managing Director
Asianet Consultants (HK) Ltd., Peter Liu, Managing Director
Attune Consulting, Philip Kuruvilla, Sales & Operations Manager
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., Agustin Domingo Baixauli
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., Daniel Chan, Marketing Manager
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., Sam Guthrie, Business Development Manager, Greater China
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., Alex Lai, Business Development Manager, Greater China
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., Ben Lyons, Manager, Supply Chain Integrity and CSR
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., Linus Wu, Senior Manager - Training & Education
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., Brenda Yang, Product Development Manager (Dying & Finishing)
Austrian Trade Organisation, Rose Chan, Senior Marketing Officer
Austrian Trade Organisation, Christian Schierer, Trade Commissioner
Avery Dennison HK B.V., Boon Ho, Regional Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Asia
Avery Dennison HK B.V., Michael Johansen, Vice President & General Manager, RIS Asia
Avery Dennison HK B.V., Sudarshana Rangachary, Vice President, Human Resources, RIS & Office Products, Asia
Avery Dennison HK B.V., Deon Stander, Vice President & General Manager, IBMD South China
BASF (China) Co. Ltd., Paul Mui, Department Manager, East Asia, Performance Chemicals for Textiles
Beijing Garment I&E Corp. Inc, Hou Jian Shan, Vice General Manager
Beijing Garment I&E Corp. Inc, Li Xiao Yan, Deputy General Manager
Bloomberg, Stephanie Wang, Reporter
Bodynits International Pte. Ltd., Bert Tan, Executive Director
Bossini International Holdings Ltd., Kathy Chan, CEO
Brilliant Global Ltd., Ravi Bhojwani, Senior Vice President
Brilliant Global Ltd., Keith Mak, Vice President of Production & Quality
Bureau Veritas, Lisa Bate, Vice President, Account Management, Business Development & Marketing - Asia
Bureau Veritas HK Ltd., Anne L. Savarino, Director, Account Management Asia
Bureau Veritas HK Ltd., Dirk Von-Czarnowski, Analytical CRM Director Asia
Busana Apparel Group, M. Maniwanen, Chief Executive Officer
Business for Social Responsibility Hong Kong, Jeremy Prepscius, Regional Managing Director, Asia
c-paq, Martin Keil, Managing Director
Central Textiles (Hong Kong) Ltd., Leo Yung, General Manager
Central Textiles (Hong Kong) Ltd.; Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium, Hong Kong, Pat-nie Woo, Director; Chairman
Centre Testing Int'l Corp. (CTI), Ella Lee, Project Manager
Centre Testing Int'l Corp. (CTI), Maggie Liu, Sales Supervisor
Charming Shoppes Inc., Sarah Bilcliffe, Director, Technical Design
Charming Shoppes Inc., Liza Lam, Vice President Merchandising
Charming Shoppes Inc., Gordon Thomson, Director, QA/QC
Charming Shoppes Inc., Visa Vei, Senior Vice President
Checkpoint Systems, Aaron Glatman, Regional Sales Manager, Apparel Labeling Solutions, America
Checkpoint Systems, Geert den Hartog, Business Development Director, Apparel Labeling Solutions, Asia Pacific
Chemtax (Stoll) Company Ltd., Joe Cheng, Sales Director
Chemtax (Stoll) Company Ltd., Howard Chu, Executive Director
China Apparel Magazine, Bon Ge, Vice President
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Wuxi Branch, Xu Hui Juan, Deputy Director, Chairman
China Economics Review, Tim Burroughs, Editor
City University of Hong Kong, Robert Hanlon, Department of Asian and International Studies
Civic Exchange, Christine Loh, Co-Founder and CEO
Clariant, Keith Parton, Manager of Textile Marketing
Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA), Philip Yeung, Executive Director
Clotrade, Clothing Trade Council of South Africa, Jack Kipling, President
CMZ Zipper (HK) Co. Ltd., Ronald, Liu, Vice President, Sales
CMZ Zipper (Wuxi) Co., Ltd, Sam Shao, President
CMZ Zipper (Wuxi) Co., Ltd, Shao Minwei, Vice General Manager
Coats China Holdings Ltd., Arvind Mathur, General Manager, China Apparel
Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Angela Yip, Secretary to Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Concepts 2 Results Ltd., Roger Nelson, Managing Director
Confederation of the German Textile and Clothing Industy; Ibena Textilwerke Beckmann GmbH, Josef-Albert, Beckmann, Former President, Member of the Advisory Board
Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Magda, Nasr, Consul-General
Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Walid Ismail, Consul
Consulate General - India, Jarnail Singh Variaah, Consulate (Commercial & Passport)
Control Union Certifications, Hong Lee, Manager, Asia Pacific
Core Solution Ltd., Tim Chiu, Managing Director
Core Solutions Ltd., Corinna Ho, Director, Business Development
Corporate Service Group GmbH, Thomas Ruthekolck, Managing Director
Cotton Council International, Karin Malmstrom, Director
Crescent Bahuman Ltd., Jawad Arshad, AVP Supply Chain
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Simon Cheng, Director of Sales & Operations
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Timothy Iu, Head of Marketing Management
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Christoph Kargruber, Vice President Operations, North & South East Asia - Pacific
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Christiane Kreidl, Head Trade & Industry Marketing
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Gordon Lee, Sales Manager
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Georg Nussdorfer, Vice President Operations
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Martin Rainer, Strategic Sales & Distribution Manager, Greater China
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Alfred Tsang, Head of Sales and Distribution Management, Greater China
CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Hermann Winkler, Director Business Development
CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements, D. Swarovski & CO., Hubert Eiter, Director Segment Marketing
CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements, D. Swarovski & CO., Markus Lampe, SVP Marketing
CSR Asia, Jacqui Dixon, Director, Hong Kong
Danish Federation of Textiles & Clothing, Michael Hillmose, Commercial Export Advisor
Dassault Systemes, Gilles Cruanes, Vice President, South Asia
Dassault Systemes, Bhupesh Lall, Head of Marketing, Asia, ENOVIA
Dassault Systemes, Eunice Lee, Marketing, ENOVIA
Dassault Systemes, C.J. Lin, PR Director, Dassault Systemes
Datacolor Asia Pacific (HK) Ltd., Roger Attwood, Regional Manager, Asia
DBL Consulting, Derek Binns, Director
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK (DEFRA), Alice Cohen, EU & International Sustainable Consumption & Production
DFU Publications, Sanjay Chawla, Editor in Chief & Publisher
Dick's Sporting Goods International Ltd., Walter Archie, Managing Director
Dick's Sporting Goods International Ltd., Todd, Kouns, Director, Product Management – Footwear
DyStar (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd., Eric Hopmann, General Manager/ Managing Director
DyStar (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd., Jamil Ramjaun, Retail & Brand Liaison Manager
DyStar (Singapore) Trading Co. Ltd., Paul Cowell, International Brand/Retailer Liaison Manager
DyStar (Singapore) Trading Co. Ltd., Bart Van Kuijk, Business Head, Textile Services
DyStar (UK) Ltd., John R. Easton, Ecology Solutions Manager
DyStar Textilfarben GmbH, Mark Allan, President & CEO
Eagle Nice Development Company Ltd., Josephine Ngan, Secretary to Chairman (Business Development)
ebp Management Ltd., Frank Yan, Director
Eddie Bauer International (HK) Ltd., Barbara Caalim, Managing Director
Egyptian Chamber of Textile Industries, Mohamed F. El-Saiad, Board member
Egyptian Chamber of Textile Industries, Bassem Sultan, Vice President
Elysium Textile Co. Ltd., Elisabeth Sellam, Sales Manger
Enterprise Mauritius, Suryadev Beedasy, Chief Operating Officer
Enterprise Mauritius, Louis Amedee Darga, Chairperson
Esquel Group of Companies, John Cheh, Vice Chairman & CEO
European Chemicals Agency, Eva Sandberg, Senior Scientific Officer, Unit A2, Committees and International relations
Federation of HK Industries, Anthony Chan, Editor
Fenix Group Holdings Ltd., Bernia Chan, Director, Division Manager - Sales & Marketing
Fenix Group Holdings Ltd., Anthony Keung, President & CEO
FILA Sport (Hong Kong) Ltd., Ansgar Beckstedde, Director of global production - apparel
Financial Times, Tom Mitchell, South China Correspondent
Fong's Ind Co. Ltd., Patrick Wong, Sales Director
Foreign Trade Association, Belgium (FTA), Jürgen J. Maas, Vice President
Gerber Scientific International Ltd., Steven Tang, Regional Vice President, Far East
Ghim Li Group Pte. Ltd., Estina Ang, Executive Chairman
Ghim Li Group Pte. Ltd., Surina Gan, Senior Vice President, Sales
Giftstart Trade Mark Design Inc., Sherrie Chang, Secretary
Giftstart Trade Mark Design Inc., Spirit Shih, Manager
Global Sustainable Management GmbH, Birgit Karpa-Beuth, General Manager
Gouten Consulting Ltd., Marie-Helene Prevot, Associated Director
Groz-Beckert, Manfred Bauerle, Managing Director
Groz-Beckert, Philip Champagne
Grunfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz, Silverman & Klestadt LLP (HK), Andrew B. Schroth, Partner
Grupo Cortefiel, Michela Bardotti, Manager, Men’s Division
Grupo Cortefiel, Cristina Gonzalez-Felgueroso, Managing Director, Global Sourcing & Manufacturing
GS-1 Hong Kong, Raymond Ng, COO
GS-1 Hong Kong, K. K. Suen, Chief Architect & Principal Consultant
GS-1 Hong Kong , Heidi Ho, Senior Consultant - Supply Chain Management
Guangzhou Textile Holdings Ltd, Chen Li Fen, Chief Executive Brand Center
Guangzhou Textile Holdings Ltd, Chen Wen Ming, Vice General Manager
Guess? Inc., Jeff Streader, SVP, Global Sourcing
H&M Hennes & Mauritz (Far East) Ltd., Sara Gerdner Kalle, Global Logistic department
H&M Hennes & Mauritz (Far East) Ltd., Adam Karlsson, Head of Business Control
H&M Hennes & Mauritz (Far East) Ltd., Tomas Stocksen, IT Manager
H&M Hennes & Mauritz (Far East) Ltd., Penni Donaldson, Department Manager
Herma Ltd., Peter Hauser, Managing Director
HK Apparel Society Ltd., Felix Chung, Chairman
HK Research Institute of Textiles & Apparel (HKRITA), The, Haider Barma, GBS, JP, Chief Executive Officer
HK Trader, Regina DeLuna, Editor
HKPC - Textile & Clothing, Mansien Lin, Chief Editor
Hong Kong Design Institutions - Textile Department, Konstantine Kouros, Lecturer
Hong Kong Economic Times, Iris Kam, Reporter (Supplement)
Hong Kong Economic Times, Wilson Kan, Senior Reporter
Imag Australia, Robert Cleavey, ENOVIA Matrix One System Architect
Imag Australia, Robyn Lloyd, Managing Director
Industry Forum Services, Ken Watson, Director
Innov-X Systems, Adrian Smith, Regional Sales Manager
Innov-X Systems, Peter Tong, Reg. Sales Mgr.
Inside Fashion, Lai Colgan, Ass. Editor
Inside Fashion, Ernest Kao, Asst. Editor
Inside Fashion, Philip Leung, Asst. Editor
Inside Fashion, Jane Singer, Publisher - Director
Institute for Sustainable Management, Willie Beuth, Founder
International Enterprise Singapore, Lee Hoi Leong, Account Manager, Lifestyle Division, Corporate Group
J.C. Penney Private Brands, Inc., Janet Fox, Vice President, Director of Sourcing
J.C. Penney Purchasing Corp., Dawn, Hung, Divisional Merchandise Manager
Jockey Far East Ltd, Karen Smith, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere Sourcing
Jones International Ltd., Anliza Mak, President
Jones International Ltd., Bolo Pang, Textile & Finishing Manager
Jones International Ltd., Daniel Yung, Director, I.T.
Just-Style, Joe Ayling, News Editor
Kay Tee Corp. Pvt. Ltd., Premal H. Udani, Managing Director
KEE Zippers Corp. Ltd., Albert Chow, Director
KEE Zippers Corp. Ltd., Ivan Tang, Sales Manager
KEE Zippers Corp. Ltd., Sam Xu, President
KEE Zippers Corp. Ltd., Amanda Yuen, Account Manager
Lawson Software Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Shane Cumming, Regional Director, Greater China
Lawson Software Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., David Hope, Vice President & Regional Managing Director , Asia Pacific & Japan
Lawson Software Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Nicholas Man, Sales Director, HKG Taiwan & Southern China
Lawson Software, Inc., Robert McKee, Industry Strategy Director, Fashion
Leather Age, Y.K. Luthra, Editor & Publisher
Lectra Systems (Shanghai) Co., Andreas A. Kim, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Service, Asia Pacific
Lectra Systems (Shanghai) Co., Robert Agnes, President
Lectra Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ken Chew Tan, Managing Director
Legislative Council of Hong Kong SAR; Bay Apparel Ltd. and Golden Emblem Investment Co Ltd., Sophie Leung Lau Yau Fun, GBS, JP, Textiles and Garment Functional Constituency Representative; Director
Lever Style Inc., Stanley Szeto, Chairman & CEO
LexisNexis, Joanna Law, Editor
Li Ning Co Ltd., Morrison Chun, GM, Apparel Product System
Li Ning Co. Ltd., Jun Zhang, CIO
Liz Claiborne Intl Ltd., Peter Warner, Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing
Lucy Main, Tweet, Former Senior Vice President
Luen Thai Holdings Ltd., Frank Sauceda, Executive Vice President
lululemon Athletica (HK) Ltd., Richard Tinsley, Liaison Office Director
lululemon athletica Inc, Bryan Riviere, Head of Global Sourcing & Manufacturing
LVMH Asia Pacific Ltd., Christophe, Degoix, Vice President of Operations
Maersk Line, Sharon Nip, Deputy General Manager
Maersk Line, Matt Terranova, Deputy General Manager
Maersk Logistics, Wing Chan, Client Manager
Maersk Logistics, Wai Man Cheng, Client Manager
Maersk Logistics, Jake Fan, Deputy General Manager
Maersk Logistics, Johanna Hainz, General Manager
Maersk Logistics, Faisal Riaz, Senior Client Manager
Maersk Logistics, Joyce Siu, Senior Client Manager
Mainetti (HK) Ltd., Grace Chan, Executive Vice President
Mainetti (HK) Ltd., Stephen Cheng, Regional Financial Controller
Mainetti (HK) Ltd., Keith Chow, Vice President, USA Business
Manchester Metropolitan University, Heather Iwanow, Senior Lecturer
Manchester Metropolitan University, Angela Peers, Principal Lecturer, Department of Clothing Design & Technology
Marks & Spencer plc, Elaine McFarlane, Head of Region, Far East
Marks & Spencer plc, Howard Williams, Regional Head of Technology
Materials Connexion, George Beylerian
Midar Touch Apparel Pvt. Ltd., Ashok G. Rajani, Chairman
Mimex Limited, Marie-Noëlle Vialiis-Grill, Managing Director
MMG (Asia) Ltd., Peter Shay, Managing Director
Moda Pelle Milan, Filippo Galli, Journalist / Marketing Manager
Moda Pelle Milan, Massimo Muggiani, Editor in Chief
Modapiel / Marroquineria espanola, Mario Luzon, Journalist
MODIN - fashion trade magazine, Yrjö Gorski, Editor-in-chief
MODINT, Dutch Trade Association for Fashion and Textiles, Han Bekke, Director General
Mondial Services (HK) Ltd., James Lai, Regional Finance Manager
Mosaic Fashions Ltd., Eric Tang, Operations Director
Mosaic Fashions Ltd., Richard Thomas, Managing Director
Nano-tex Inc., Dirk Keunen, Senior Vice President Sales Europe, Asia & Oceania
New Balance Athletic Shoe (HK) Ltd., Tony Karton, Asia Regional IT Manager
New Balance Athletic Shoe (HK) Ltd., Judith Mackay, Asia Apparel & Licensee Compliance Manager
New Wide Group Ltd., Miguel Cerna, Executive Manager
New Wide Group Ltd., Naomi Chiang, Associated Manager
New Wide Group Ltd., Maggie Hsu, Associated Manager
New Wide Group Ltd., Tony Tu, Vice General Manager
Newtimes (HK) Ltd., Riss Chow, CFO
Nile Clothing Co., Frank Moussa, President
Ningbo Dasheng Hanger Co. Ltd., Jack Wu, Vice Manager
Novetex Spinners Ltd., Ronald Julian Chao, Vice Chariman
Novozymes, Julie Clemmons, Marketing Manager, Textile
Ocean Sky International Ltd., Edward Ang, CEO
Ocean Sky International Ltd., Albert Ang, COO
Office of the European Commission in Hong Kong & Macau, Felipe Palacios Sureda, Head of Trade and Economic Section, European Union
Orca Ltd., Lee Koon Tay, Managing Director
Orchard Brands, Marisa Smith, Vice President, International Sourcing & Logistics
Orsay China Ltd., Jessic, Chan, Quality International Manager
Orsay China Ltd., Jean-Charles Gaume, Office Buying Manager
Orsay China Ltd., Derry Lam
Orsay China Ltd., Jean Pierre Pharaon, Managing Director
Otto International (HK) Ltd., Duane Gafoor, Director, Corporate Development
Otto International (HK) Ltd., Sven Jasper, Director I.T.
Otto International (HK) Ltd., Felix Kwok, Senior General Manager Merchandising, Lingerie
Otto International (HK) Ltd., Patrick McCabe, General Manager & Senior General Manager Klingel
Otto International (HK) Ltd., Annie Neo, Senior General Manager, Merchandising
Otto International (HK) Ltd., Emily Wong, Director Merchandising, Kiabi
Pacific Brands, Eroka O'Connor, IT Account Manager
Pacific Brands, Ian Skinner, PLM Program Manager
Pacific Brands (Asia) Ltd., Adrian Barratt, General Manager
Pacific Brands (Asia) Ltd., Julie Denyer, Head of Intimate Apparel
Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), Eric Huang, Sales Manager
Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), Kathleen Mitford, VP Vertical Market Strategy, Solutions and Marketing Group
Peclers Paris, Mary Yan Yan Chan
Pinker Moda, Francisco Martinell, Editorial Manager
Polo Ralph Lauren, Maureen Gray, Vice President of International Trade
Polo Ralph Lauren Sourcing Company Ltd., Roy Ashurst, Vice President-QA
Polo Ralph Lauren Sourcing Company Ltd., Trevor Robertson, Vice President/ Managing Director
PR Newswire Asia, Dan Ye, CFO & Director of Business Development
Premier Hosiery Mills Pvt. Ltd., Raza Rashid, Director
Profashional Media GmbH, Manfred Willsch, Chief Editor
Quiksilver Asia Sourcing Ltd., Philip Hayes, Product & Sourcing Director
Richa & Co., Virender Uppal, Executive Manager
Russia-Europe Textile Alliance, Igor Salomakhin, Head of Moscow Liaison Office
S. Oliver Asia Ltd., Kenny Tang, Sustainability Manager
S. Oliver Asia Ltd., Stella Yuen, CFO
Sanitized, Urs Stalder, Business Development Manager
SanMar, Trevor Boyd, Director of Sourcing - Far East
SanMar, Trevor Mitrovich, Technical Director
SAP Asia Pte Ltd., Marco De Lorenzo, Industry Principal Consumer Products
SBS International Development Ltd., Heidy Ng, Business Development Manager
SBS International Development Ltd., Peter Wong, General Manager
SBS Zipper Science & Technology Co. Ltd., Shi Neng Keng , Chairman
SBS Zipper Science & Technology Co. Ltd., Zhang Tian, General Manager
Shippers Today, Gina Giron-Urquiola, Editor
Shippers Today, Czarina Shum, Executive Officer
Simon Harrison (HK) Ltd., Elizabeth Hunt, Director
Sing Tao Daily (IT Square), Erica Ip, Reporter
Skunkfunk, Jon Curutchet, Sourcing
Spencer Stuart, Catherine Kwong, Director, Greater China
Spotless Plastics (HK) Ltd., Byron Yeung, Sales Director, Asia
Spring Singapore, Chin Jit Peng, Manager, Retail, Furniture, Textile & Apparel
Spring Singapore, Sherman Loo, Head, Retail, Furniture, Textile & Apparel
Standard Chartered Bank, Nicholas Kwan, Regional Head of Research, Asia
Stanton Chase International, Mee Hee Song, Managing Director
Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Eric Emerson, Partner
SustainAsia Ltd., Christophe Bongars, Founder and CEO
Sutex Wuxi International Trading Co. Ltd., Wu Hui Qin, General Manager
T J Sportswear, George Powell, C.E.O.
Taiwan Textile Federation, Frank Hsu, Deputy Secretary General
Taiwan Textile Federation, Judy Yang, Director
TAL Apparel Ltd., Roger Lee, Director
TAL Apparel Ltd., Soon Nam Yip, Director
TAL Global Alliances Ltd., Ben Tsui, Group Business Development
TAL Global Alliances Ltd., Simon Yeung, Department Manager
TAL Group, Harry Lee, SBS, JP, CEO
Target Brands Inc., Carmela Batacchi, Senior Vice President, Global Offices
Target Corporation, Jalaj Hora, Senior Director, Global Fabric & Trim
Target Sourcing Services, Cynthia Ho, Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing
Technopak Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Prashant Agarwal, Vice President
Texanlab Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Rahul Vidyadhar Bhajekar, Chief Operations Officer
Textile Asia, Alpana Shrestha, Business Coordinator
Textile Asia, C.K. Chow, Editorial Coordinator
Textile Asia, Vilma C. Patino, Assistant
Textile Asia, Gail Taylor, Fashion Editor
Textile Council of Hong Kong; Milo’s Knitwear (Int’l) Ltd. & Milo’s Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Willy Lin, SBS, MBE, JP, Vice-Chairman; Managing Director
The G2000 Group, Michael Tien, Chairman
The Hoffman Agency, Florence Chan, Account Director
The Hoffman Agency, Terrence Nip, Account Director
The Hoffman Agency, Cathy Yu, Account Director
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Thomas M.H. Chan, Head, China Business Centre
The Hong Kong SAR Government, Rita Lau, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
The SRC Group Inc., Orange Zeng, Purchase Manager
The Wall Street Journal Asia, Mary Kissel, Editor, Editorial Page
Thermo Scientific, Lawrence Wong, Sales Manager
Third Eyesight, Devangshu Dutta, Chief Executive
TNT Express Worldwide (China) Ltd., Thomas Huang, Fashion Logistics Manager, North Asia
Top Form International Ltd., Michael Austin, Chief Financial Officer
Trans International Fashion, Lalit Matai, Director
Trans International Fashion, Kiky Suherlan, Commissioner
Trend Setters International, Sudhir Sekhri, Director
Triumph International (India) Pvt. Ltd., Thorsten Allenstein, Managing Director
Triumph International Overseas Ltd., Hans Buehr, Head of Purchasing Asia
Triumph International Overseas Ltd., Hansgeorg Till, Global Finished Goods Sourcing Manager
Under Armour Manufacturing, LLC, Ian Chen, General Merchandizing Manager
Under Armour Manufacturing, LLC, Defea Kong, Managing Director
United States Association of Importers of Textile and Apparel, Julia Hughes, SVP
United States Association of Importers of Textile and Apparel, Laura Jones, Executive Director
US Secretary of Commerce for Import Administration, David Spooner, Former Assistant
VF Asia Ltd., Jacqui Algar, Vice President - Human Resource
VF Asia Ltd., Max Chan, Chief Information Officer
VF Asia Ltd., Veit Geise, Vice President Asia Sourcing (Jeanswear)
VF Asia Ltd., Alfie Germano, Vice President Asia Sourcing
VF Asia Ltd., Wilkin Ha, Director, Asia Sourcing Outdoor Footwear
VF Asia Ltd., Thomas Nelson, Managing Director
VF Asia Ltd., Heinfried Pages, Vice President Asia Sourcing, Outdoor Europe
VF Asia Ltd., Duncan Scott, Vice President Asia Sourcing (Outdoor Sportswear)
Vietnam Textile & Apparel Association (VITAS), Jason Chow, Marketing Manager
W.L. Gore & Associates (Hong Kong) Ltd., Sun Hwang, Associate
W.L. Gore & Associates (Hong Kong) Ltd., Rosita Kwan, Associate
W.L. Gore & Associates (Hong Kong) Ltd., Shirley Lee, Associate
Wellington Global Investment Management Ltd., Steven Richter, Director
WGSN, Frances Henzie, Editor
William E. Connor & Associates Ltd., Mark Hayden, Regional Director, North Asia
Wing Tai Enterprise International Apparel Group, Steven R. Walton, Chairman of the Zymmetry Group & of Wing Tai Intl Apparel Group
Wing Tai Retail Pte. Ltd., Helen Khoo, Executive Director
Wuhan Kingsrich Mfg. Co. Ltd., Andrew Chen, Business Development Manager
Wuhan Kingsrich Mfg. Co. Ltd., Jimmy Jin, General Manager
Wuxi East Grace Garments Imp. & Exp. Corp., Lu Xiao Lan, Chairwoman
Wuxi Nature Group, Kenny Chan, Vice President
Wuxi Nature Group, Jane Chen, Vice President
Wuxi Nature Group, Du Zhao Jun, Vice President
Wuxi Nature Group, Shao Jia Yu, Business Manager
Wuxi Nature Group, Maria Shi, Sales Manager
Wuxi Nature Group, Xu Yi Fang, Translator
Wuxi Nature Group, Zhu Guo Min, President
WWD - Women's Wear Daily, Constance Haisma-Kwok, Asia Correspondent
X-Rite Asia Pacific Ltd., Michael Wu, Business Manager - Textile
Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd. (YGM), Felix Lo, General Sales Manager
Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd. (YGM), Sherman Yip, General Manager
Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd. (YGM), Margaret Yung, General Sales Manager
Zymmetry Group, Kelly Allen, Kovacic, Vice President, Global Sourcing Solutions
Zymmetry Group, Edgar Tung, CEO
Zymmetry Group, Daniel Yeung, Chief Technology Officer
Zymmetry Group, Eva Yim, President, Sales & Implementation