Special Requirements during Stay in Hong Kong

Prime Source Forum often coincides with other events in the city, and of course, the sheer number of those attending the exhibitions makes confirmation in a timely manner absolutely essential. It is strongly recommended that you plan your trip to Hong Kong ahead with your or our official travel agent.

Special Holidays

Although we always do our utmost to schedule Prime Source Forum away from religious and national holidays, we cannot avoid them all the time as you know the dates change every year, and the availability of venue is another concern. We are however doing all we can to assist Prime Source Forum participants to take part in their religious practice away from home by linking them to their religious communities in Hong Kong.

For visitors who are interested to partake in the Passover religious sessions during that week, there is a well renowned synagogue in the city and a very active Jewish Community centre with excellent dining facilities. The 1st Seder is often attended by delegates whilst in town (please see www.jcc.org.hk). For those who wish to also celebrate the 2nd Seder, they are welcome too.

For your information, kosher meals can be available upon request.