Preliminary Programme

8 March 2018 (Day 1)
• Keynote address: Fashion supply chain enters new era
• Keynote address: African garment manufacturing hub
• Session 1: Impacts of China’s political and economic moves on global fashion trade
• Session 2: African garment manufacturing hub - Challenges and opportunities
• Session 3: Opportunities in Myanmar Vs fulfillment on the needs of international standards
• CEO dialogues: Going global and faster - RMB Internationalisation through Belt & Road Initiative
• CEO dialogues: Role of Bangladesh in the fashion supply chain of the new Silk Road
• CEO Dialogues: What Free-on-Board (FOB) production in Myanmar tells you in the global fashion supply chain

9 March 2018 (Day 2)
• Session 4: Roadmap of the EU economy and its indication on the global fashion supply chain
• Session 5: Industry 4.0 - Digital transformation in fashion supply chain
• Session 6: How supply chain innovation rocked the fashion world
• CEO Dialogues: Sourcing with artificial intelligence
• CEO Dialogues: Profit with mass customisation
• Breakout session: Achievement in efficient outsourcing in Asia
• Breakout session: Application of Industry 4.0 in transforming the supply chain digitally
• Breakout session: How an innovative supply chain customise quick turnaround models
• Breakout session: Is cutting top shots solution to turning around a struggling business

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