2009 - What the press said?

FashionNetAsia: Experts predict upturn to come in 2011 for apparel industry
(April 21, 2009) Nicholas Kwan, Asia head of research, Standard Chartered Bank, who spoke the recent Prime Source Forum 2009, set the tone for the conference when he cautioned the industry to prepare for a longer recovery. Read More

Fibre2fashion: Sustainability Workshop by CITA-APLF at SFBC (March 13, 2009) The event organisers aim to offer a platform that will allow those in the apparel industry to discuss how they might make their businesses more sustainable... Read More

Inside Fashion: Wrestling with Sustainability and Product Safety (May 16-31, 2009) at the annual Prime source Forum (hong Kong, april 1-2) the agenda was aimed at getting industry leaders to look for solutions and opportunities. Rather than focus on what now seems to be the obvious... Read More

Just-style: HONG KONG: Top industry executive calls for retail rescue (April 7, 2009) JCPenney VP and director of sourcing Janet Fax said at The Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong that declining consumer spend in the US had changed the country's retail landscape... Read More

Pinka Moda: Prime Source Forum prepara su edición 2009 (Issue 318) Read More

South China Morning Post: State of global apparel industry under spotlight
(March 11, 2009) Delegates from Asia, Europe and the US will look at the economic downturn's impact, particularly on the worldwide sourcing and trade policies...  Read More

WGSN: Prime Source Forum 2009: conference report (April 20, 2009) Reliable partnerships, speed-to-market and supply chain efficiency were top of the agenda for industry professionals at the annual Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong last month. Read More

WWD: Industry Sizes Up Problem Areas at Prime Source (April 14, 2009) Apparel executives who gathered at the Prime Source Forum here were focused on the global economic crisis.  They assessed the impact of the recession worldwide on every aspect of the supply chain, from manufacturing to retailing.  Read More




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