Participant Feedback

Han BEKKE, Secretary General, International Apparel Federation
I like the venue! A very good set up at the Sheraton Hotel and more interaction. I have been working for 40 years in the business, I thought I knew everything, but today I learnt more.

Hans BUEHR, Head of Purchasing Asia , Triumph Intl Overseas Ltd.
I like to meet and engage with people not from the bra business to find out what problems they have and how they solve them and I think it’s a great event.

Tim CHIU, SVP, Core Solutions Ltd.
I love the event. It’s great to be here with leaders of the industry, a good place to connect with people and really learnt!

Craig DANA, Senior Vice President, Ann Inc.; MD, Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Ltd.
I always enjoy going to Prime Source Forum as it provides a great opportunity for me to network with my peers, colleagues and meet new people. Out of every panel, I can usually take one or two things that I can bring back to my company.

Edwin KEH, CEO, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA); Lecturer, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
The new format is much more engaging and certainly there is a lot more dialogue and conversation that can take place around the table. I think the interactive opportunity is really good. We have an industry that does not used to having a lot of conversation around long term strategic issues and I think we are at a critical phase in our industry development in which we need to spend time to talk to each other to understand what is going on and perhaps spend more time reflecting the future because there are so much turbulence in our supply chain.

Stephen FORTE, MD, Global Sales, Coats
With changes of the PSF event, interaction among participants is much easier than before. Great event.

Dr. Michael T. FRALIX, President & CEO, 2
Always glad to be at Prime Source Forum, very energising. The panel discussions and audience interaction was all very well done.

Yrjo GORSKI, Editor-in-Chief, Fashion Commerce in Finland, Finland
The top executives in the industry are giving very open opinions about the future of fashion business.

Edward GRIBBIN, President, Alvanon Group
The 2013 Prime Source Forum was again a fabulous experience, always learn a lot here. Great job again.

Mike HILL, Business Development Director, ecVision Limited
Location of this year’s venue is better. Round table setting is better to encourage more interaction among participants. There is no boring session in this year’s programme!

Justin HUANG, Secretary General, Taiwan Textile Federation
Taiwan Textile Federation has been participating in Prime Source Forum for 8 years, every year we find the progress of Prime Source Forum gets better and better.

Prabakaran KESAVAN, Project Manager, The Source ASEAN Full Service Alliance (SAFSA)
Improve on the communication between brands and retailers and suppliers. We would love to attend more, and we love the new format and experts that are coming to PSF. There is value addition in attending PSF and we wish to have more participation for PSF in the future.

Jason KIBBEY, Executive Director and CEO, Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)
It’s a great opportunity for everyone in the industry to come together in Hong Kong and have a great conversation about all the biggest issues of the day.

James David KILPATRICK, CEO, LifeStyle Logistics Ltd.
I have really enjoyed all the presentations and look forward to it this year and next year again.

Misoon KIM, GM, Jangyou Inc.
I had all these questions that I wanted to ask somebody, I hear all the answer from the speakers at PSF, it helped me a lot and it is very useful I think.

Anderson LEE, Business Director, Hong Kong Non-Woven Group
This has been a wonderful experience again, I have been here for a few years.

Andre LEROY, Chairman, Textile and Apparel Committee
Prime Source Forum is very good place for us to meet manufacturers, brands and retailers…great event...Even better than previous editions

Marissa MAREN, Business Development Director, Busana Apparel Group
Prime Source Forum is a really excellent forum to bring together manufacturers, brands and other suppliers in the supply chain for apparel and footwear. I think that it is a great opportunity to continue the dialogue about how to optimise the supply chain.

Tex MOSERI, Asia Material Sourcing & RSL Manager, New Balance Athletic Shoes (HK) Ltd.
Interesting forum, lots of insights and new ideas that we are exploring, and lots of new initiatives that we can benchmark from what we are hearing here.

Ben SIMPFENDORFER, MD, Silk Road Associates
Always delighted to participate, the line-up of speakers is always superb, very insightful and a lot of sharing of information goes on during the coffee break. A great opportunity to network, it’s my second year and I will definitely be back.

Daniela SUTER, Head of Sustainability, Near/Non-Food and Specialised Markets, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, Switzerland
There are so many people from the industry here, a lot of competencies and know how is here, and people are willing to raise controversial issues and willing to find solutions together.

Richard THOMAS, Head of Far East Region, Marks & Spencer
Really enjoyed the Forum, I went to the one in Jakarta a couple of months ago, met some good people and very insightful debates and decided to bring a few colleagues with me to this one in Hong Kong. Excellent sessions, good people with maths and interesting debates….excellent opportunity to mingle with other senior executives in the industry. All speakers are giving out useful information to the trend of the industry.

Janice WANG, CEO, Alvanon Group
In the two days of the Forum, I get an education and I also get to speak to people from the industry and discuss points that are really important to us.

Dr. Aung WIN, Vice Chairman, Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association
In the future, we need to participate in this types of Forum more often, so that Myanmar can be developed like the surrounding countries.

Pat-nie WOO, Director, Central Textiles (Hong Kong) Ltd.; Chairman, Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium, Hong Kong
I really encourage you to join, because they have a great list of speakers and the participation is wonderful, you will always get something out of it.

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